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The Outer Covers Are Longlasting

1. Durable and Strong Surface

  • The vinyl covers are not only smooth and soft but also very strong and durable. The vinyl cover is waterproof that has been reinforced for extra strength and antimicrobial protection.

  • This compares to the fabric surface of the cloth pillows on the market that is porous and much less durable.

2. Reusable upon Onsite Clean

  • If drinks or blood, vomits or other bodily fluids get on our vinyl cover, they cannot destroy the cover or penetrate through. Actually, they are forced to stay on the surface. Anyone can wipe the mess from the smooth cover with a piece of cloth or tissue and spray with disinfectant for prompt reuse. Spraying disinfectants won’t cause any damage to the cover. There is no need to replace the cover or wash it or throw it away. Instead, the disinfected pillows can be reused immediately, without any service interruption. No backup pillows are needed.

  • The cloth pillows are different. Once wet, germs are free to spread everywhere, on the top, between weaves, into the thread, and leaking inside. Germs can breed on the surface and inside before anyone can react. You may be able to wipe some but you'll never get them all, since you cannot reach into the threads, between the uneven weaves, or inside the pillow. A wet or contaminated cloth pillow cannot be reused before being washed and dried so backup pillows are required for every patient. not to mention that cloth pillows can get hardened in the 2nd or 3rd washing cycle.

3. Efficient and No-Damage Laundering

  • When frequent routine sterilization is performed, there will be no damage to our vinyl covers. Our vinyl covers can stay intact at least 15 washing and drying cycles and the print and writing on the cover won’t be destroyed either.

  • The cloth pillow has a totally different performance during washing and drying. The fiberfill filling gets hardened and stacked in the 2nd or 3rd wash. And the writing on the cloth pillows fades very quickly.

  • By the way, as you may have noticed, for our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl pillows, the outer covers are washed, not the inner pillows that are wrapped by the waterproof covers and stay clean and dry all the time. It is 7 to 10 times faster to wash the inner covers than the cloth pillows. You can was the vinyl cover by hand or machine. You can hang it to dry or heat dry.

The Innovative Design Assures Long-term Use

  • Our EZ-Clean™ Cough Pillow has the inner pillow wrapped with an outer cover. They are removable from each other through a reliable opening.

  •  The durable and strong waterproof outer cover protects the inner pillow, keeping the inner pillow clean and extending the service life. Specifically, no drinks or bodily fluids can penetrate through the cover and leak inside. It stays dry, clean, and virus-free. 

  • The Reliable Opening System enables the outer cover and inner pillow to be removable from each other as well as makes them work hand in hand to support the EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution and long-life service. Review the Inner Pillow Section for more details. As a part of the opening system, the protective flap is also made of durable vinyl that conceals the zipper and protects it from any liquid or unneeded access extending the service life. The zipper’s two ends are well sealed with cloths, not only to protect users from injury but also to help the quality zipper work longer.


Vinyl Cover

Mess Removal


Innovative Design

To summarize, our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Cough Pillows are much more reusable and cost-effective than the traditional cloth pillows on the market.  Our vinyl cough pillows are built to last, budget-friendly, eco friendly, and for long-term use.

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