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For Hospital Patients, Home Patients and Nonpatients



Our waterproof EZ-Clean Recovery Heart Pillows prioritize infection control developed for clinical use now introduced to patient gift retailers. Our EZ-Clean Pillows are an innovative therapeutic aid for all hospital patients and home patients. After recovery, our EZ-Clean Heart Pillow turns into a favorite eco-friendly cushion for hugs and back support. Take a quick look at common uses.

  1. Reduce Infection Risk

    • Users: patients, patient gift shoppers, and anyone looking for a trendy item that prioritizes infection control and prevention.

    • Situation: there is an infection risk when people use a porous fabric pillow since germ can pass to the users easily. The risk is much higher for postoperative patients since their immune system is significantly weakened or compromised. Infection control should be everyone's # 1 consideration when choosing a patient gift during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    • Solution: Our EZ-Clean Heart Pillows are waterproof, wipeable, washable, and easy to be disinfected. Infection risk was the # 1 priority when our innovative pillows were developed alongside a top heart hospital in 2016.

    • Details: For additional information, please scroll down under this Summary.

  2. Splint Incision

    • Users: post-operative cardiac survivors and other chest and esophageal surgical patients, in the hospital or at home.

    • Effects: Heart Pillows help the bone heal by protecting the post-op patient's incision site and stabilizing the sternal area when the user is moving. 

    • Details: For additional information, please scroll down.

  3. Reduce Pain in Coughing Excercise

    • Users: post-operative cardiac survivors and other chest and esophageal surgical patients in the hospital and at home or in the comfort of their own home.​

    • Symptoms: Due to pain and weakness in the sternal area, patients are often resistant to coughing or deep breathing. This resistance and lack of fresh oxygen in the lungs can result in pneumonia and other post-op complications.

    • Effects: Hug the pillows to reduce the pain when performing the coughing and deep breathing exercises, cleaning the mucus, and moving fresh oxygen in the lungs.

    • Details: For additional information, please scroll down.

  4. Maintain Positions

    • Users: Patients and non-patient users in the hospital and at home.​

    • Positions: Our EZ-Clean Recovery Pillows help maintain the commonly recommended Fowler's position and upright position on a hospital bed, bed at home, or on a couch.

    • Details: For additional information, please scroll down.

  5. Protect from Vomits

    • Users: Patients and nonpatients in the hospital and at home.​

    • Symptoms: Vomiting is a common occurrence amongst heart pillow users due to stomach flu, pregnancy, food poisoning, acid reflux, stress, medication side effect, anesthesia and etc.  What if a patient vomits on a heart pillow that is being hugged? Do you wish the pillow that you were assigned by the hospital or bring from a drugstore were waterproof for easy cleanup? 

    • Solution: That is exactly what our EZ-Clean Heart Pillows were originally designed to do. 

    • Details: For extra information, scroll down past this Summary.

  6. Protect from Spills

    • Users: Patients and nonpatients in the hospital and at home.​

    • Situation: People like hugging a pillow on the couch, while they are watching TV, playing games, or just killing time. What if a drink or other liquid spills on the pillow? Do you wish your pillow were waterproof so that you could easily wipe it off, and disinfect it for reuse?

    • Solution: That is exactly what our EZ-Clean Pillows do. 

    • Details: For additional information, please scroll down.

  7. Pass Emotional Support

    • Users: Every severe patient

    • Situation: Most people are scared; some may begin to feel hopeless when they have become very sick. The fear, stress, and feeling of alone reduce the success of an operation and prolong the post-operative recovery.​

    • Solution: Send a huggable post-op aid, comfort, and encouragement with our EZ-Clean Heart Pillows. The soft and smooth vinyl cover is designed to let the patient's family, friends, doctors, and nurses sign their names, write get-well messages, even draw a sentimental picture. Now, your gift pillow is not only a therapeutic aid but also emotional support that will help the patient improve the confidence to overcome a difficult time. In addition, your gift will become a keepsake used at home for a hug and back support in the years to come.

    • Details: For additional information, please scroll down.






    • Patients, patient gift shoppers, and family members of patients who are shopping for a trendy item that prioritizes infection control and infection prevention.

    • Family members and friends of non-patient users who are looking for a sanitary, supportive solution

    • Anyone gift shopping for a post-op patient who has been instructed to perform coughing or breathing exercises.

    • Anyone concerned about infection control and the potential post-op complications that come along with excess germs and bacteria.


    • Patients who have just undergone major or even minor surgeries often experience a short period of vulnerability due to compromised immune systems. 

    • During the few weeks following major surgery or a time of anesthesia patients should be extra careful about exposing their incision site to germs or bacteria.

    • Since 2016 when our EZ-Clean Heart Pillow was developed, our top priority has been infection control.

    • Infection, germs, and disease are being prioritized by hospitals, surgery centers, and medical departments across the country.

    • Whether the user is at home or in the hospital, embracing a pillow that can be easily washed and sanitized like our EZ-Clean Heart Pillow as opposed to an absorbent plush pillow is crucial!

    • In some cases, medical departments, cardiology centers, and other hospitals will give away lower quality cough or heart pillows to patients due to budgetary restrictions.  If a family member or friend one yours was given a porous cough pillow through insurance, the EZ-Clean Heart Pillow is a great gift option!

    • Gift shoppers who are looking for a patient during COVID-19 should be prioritizing infection control if their friend, coworker, or family member is at risk of infection.


    • As discussed above, post-op patients often leave the hospital or surgery center with compromised immune systems.  Because the patient’s immune system is not able to effectively fight infection, germs can quickly spread and cause serious post-op complications.

    • From the patient’s perspective, the last thing they want to do after being released from the hospital is a return under negative circumstances.

    • After surgery, when a patient returns home, their motion is limited which means that it can be difficult to do loads of laundry if in fact there is a spill on a porous pillow. 

    • Some patients even disregard minor spills and allow germs to live inside the fiber filling of lower grade plush pillows. 

    • Traditional cloth cough pillows are difficult to wash, difficult to keep dry, and nearly impossible to wash!


    • Our EZ-Clean Heart Pillows were designed to be waterproof so that no spills, liquids, germs or bacteria could penetrate the surface.

    • The outer cover can be removed and washed or easily wiped clean which means that the inner microbead pillow will never require washing on-site at a hospital or when the patient is released. 

    • Our EZ-Clean Heart Pillow features an innovative soft vinyl outer cover that allows for easy cleaning and sanitization in the event of a spill.

    • When our product was originally developed in 2016 alongside a top heart hospital our #1 priority was infection control.  To this day our company is focused on patient safety, infection prevention, and innovation.

    • As long as the waterproof, non-porous surface of the EZ-Clean Heart Pillow is kept sanitary, the chances of a patient’s incision site becoming infected drastically decreases. 

    • At the end of the day, our EZ-Clean Heart Pillow is easy to keep dry, easy to keep clean, and easy to wash!


  • USERS:

    • Post-op cardiac patients recovering from a heart transplant, coronary bypass, valve replacement, and other cardiac operations.

    • Lung surgery patients

    • Kidney surgery patients

    • Liver surgery patients,

    • New mother during delivery and after labor, and

    • The patients recovering from other chest and esophageal procedures 


    • For recovering patients, even what used to be the simplest acts of daily living like getting out of bed are difficult and painful.

    • After the surgery when the bone heals, it is critical for patients to protect it from the excess force and limit movement of the chest and upper body. Sternal precautions require patients to avoid activities that involve pushing, pulling, or lifting of over 5 lbs. with their arms. 

    • However, patients must change positions on the bed and get out of bed and get back into bed. Without proper protection, the incision site and the wire will be in danger while the patient is mobile.

  • TOOLS:

    • Patients can splint their external incision and conduct necessary movements safely by hugging the pillow as guided. The V-cut of the heart pillow shall be placed towards the patient’s chin (It makes for a great chin rest as well). The patient shall wrap their arms around the pillow and hold it tightly to match their individual comfort level, against the sore incision area. While the pressure is applied, the pillow provides an extra layer of support to counteract any jolting from a movement. The EZ-Clean Heart Pillow will facilitate proper stabilization of the sternal area and limit pain associated with mobility.

    • Example 1, How to Get Out of Bed​ To avoid excess force to the bone and wire as well, and limit potentially damaging movements of the chest and upper body, patients are not allowed to use their arms to push or pull themselves in and out of bed or a chair. So how do they end up getting upright and out of bed? Hug the pillow as guided, walk their legs towards the side of the bed with their knees up so that their feet are on the bed. Push with the heels and roll onto the patient's side, drop the feet off the side of the bed while the patient pushes up with their bottom elbow.​

    • Example 2, How to Change Positions If the patient wants to move from a supine position to a seated position, for example, they should hug the pillow as instructed, and then roll onto their side and gently push up using the elbow, allowing the greatest protection of the sternal area and incision site.

    • ​Other tools: Makeshift supports such as folded sheets, poorly positioned pillows or teddy bears can be detrimental to the patient’s ability to heal. In addition to slowing the healing process, these fabrics or plush items are more difficult to keep clean and free of contamination, not mentioning germs and bacteria on the items that can easily spread to patients.


    • Post-operative patients are vulnerable and the immune system is weak, even compromised.

    • The immunosuppressive patient can get infected easily since germ on the pillow can quickly cross the gown, the patient's chin, their hands, and arms. It can result in a dangerous post-op complication with an unpredictable consequence.


    • For all of the above reasons, Baystate Hearth, Springfield MA, asked and helped us in 2016 to develop the EZ-Clean Waterproof Recovery Heart Pillow to replace the infection-prone cloth heart pillows they had used for decades. Read Pillow Development Story.

    • Our EZ-Clean Pillows has a smooth waterproof vinyl cover. Germs have a hard time living on the surface and can be easily wiped completely. No germ can penetrate through the vinyl cover to the inner pillow.

    • To sanitize and kill the germs, you can spray disinfectant or wash and dry the memorable keepsake.


    • Our EZ-Clean Pillows are used in many hospitals and medical centers, including UCI, HSHS, UP Health, and Baystate. Because the EZ-Clean Sanitary Solution effectively helps reduce the infection risk, many major hospitals and medical centers have become repeat customers.

    • Our EZ-Clean™ Recovery Heart Pillows are getting even trendier since the Covid-19 occurred. 

2-Minute Video Credited to Sharp Healthcare

Pillow Angles.png

To address the infection concern on the cloth pillows, in 2016, we developed the EZ-Clean Waterproof Heart Pillow under the guidance of Baystate Health

Read the Story

C8 heart-yz1 .jpg

Hug the Pillow Tightly against the Chest,

with the Chin on the V-cut when Sitting,

to Splint the Incisiton Site

and Protect the Sternal Area,

during Mobility, Coughing or Sneezing

C8 heart-yz2 .jpg

Sternal Precautions Credited to BJ


Coughing and breathing exercises are recommended to post-op patients and other individuals experiencing chest pain by countless doctors, surgeons, and cardiologists across the country.  Our EZ-Clean Heart Pillows take a unique approach to reducing pain and discomfort and preventing the re-opening of an incision while coughing and breathing. 

Let's take a closer look!

  1. USERS:

    • Post-op cardiac patients recovering from a valve replacement, heart transplant, coronary bypass, or other cardiac operation that requires a chest incision.

    • Esophageal surgical patients and other chest surgery patients recovering in the hospital after their surgery or looking for more comfort during their at-home recovery. 

    • Lung Surgery Patients

    • Liver Surgery Patients

    • Post-Partum mothers and

    • Any patient who is looking to brace their chest during necessary or recommended coughing or breathing exercises will find use in our comfortable yet firm cough/heart pillow.

    • Many well-known celebrities, actors, and athletes who have undergone heart surgeries and other chest operations are using cough/heart pillows, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilder, and ex-Governor of California!


    • When a patient undergoes a chest surgery that involves the surgeon making a small or large incision there can be a lot of associated pain and discomfort in moving. Patients often avoid coughing or deep breathing that brings extra pain.

    • Lacking coughing and deep breathing will build up mucus and phlegm in the lungs, slow down the blood and oxygen moving into the lungs, and can easily cause pneumonia and other lung diseases. The consequence can be very severe.

      • If you’ve undergone a major chest surgery and have not been performing deep breathing exercises or coughing exercises you are putting yourself at risk of pneumonia and other lung diseases.

      • Heart Surgery patients and other individuals who have just undergone a minor or major surgery often have weakened immune systems which can make them even more susceptible to bacteria and disease. 

      • ​The last thing that a post-op patient wants to deal with is post-op complications that land you back in the emergency room!


    • While patients are recovering from a chest or esophageal surgery in the hospital or at home, they should perform breathing and coughing exercises according to a professional guide.

    • Basically, patients shall place the Heart Pillow with the V-cut towards the chin, wrap their arms around the pillow and hold it tightly against the chest, and then cough and deep breath. Patients can apply proper pressure to their incision site to control and reduce pain and jolting.

    • It is important for the patients to take a deep breath in and cough from the belly. It is not sufficient just to clear the throat. Instead, the patient must bring up the mucus and spit it out. This coughing will clear the lungs of mucus which may prevent pneumonia.

      • The soft vinyl cover and microbead filling make for a comfortable tool that can be used in the hospital or from the comfort of your own home.

      • As a patient squeezes the EZ-Clean Heart Pillow against their chest while sitting or standing the inner pillow filled with microbeads contour to the patient’s chest and ribcage.

      • The EZ-Clean Heart Pillow provides customizable support for patients who may be in the beginning of their recovery process or nearing the end at home or in a long-term care center.


    • Many patients particularly post-operative patients such as heart surgery survivors are vulnerable and the immune system is weak, even compromised.

    • The immunosuppressive patient can get infected easily since the germ on the pillow can quickly spread through the gown, chin, hands, and arms. It can result in a dangerous post-op complication with an unpredictable consequence.​


Schwarzenegger Praises Heart Pillow

Post Cardiac Surgery Exercise

Credited to Southlake RHC

C8 heart-yz1 .jpg

4. POSITIONING - Recovery & Home Use

Highlighted sentences can potentially be deleted, let me know if you need my help trimming anything down.  Not sure how short you intended this section to be, but I wanted to be as inclusive as possible. 



  • Patients who have undergone chest surgeries, cardiovascular operations or other major surgeries and are struggling to find a comfortable position to perform coughing or deep breathing exercises.

  • Recovering cardiac patients who have been released from urgent care but instructed to perform recovery exercises

  • Patients or non-patient users who are looking for back support while sitting in a hospital bed, couch or chair

  • Other medical users in the hospital and at home who are seeking a specific, medically recommended position

  • Patients who have been informed to maintain a supine, upright or popular Fowler’s position during their recovery

  • Healthy individuals who are trying to avoid slouching while watching TV, working from home or recovering from a minor injury



  • Post-op cardiac and chest surgery patients can utilize the EZ-Clean Heart Recovery Pillow while at the hospital, medical center or surgery facility as well as once they’ve been released at home.

  • Any patient, recovering individual or non-patient user who has been instructed to perform coughing exercises and deep breathing exercises will find that our EZ-Clean Heart Recovery Pillow performs better than a traditional cough pillow.

  • Non patient users can hug, lean against or position next to their body to support healthy upright seating positions while working, relaxing or watching television. 

  • Any individual looking to relax after a long day on the couch while still maintaining a healthy back and spine position



  • Supine Position, Upright Sitting Position, Fowlers Position

  • Prone, Semi-prone

  • Any medically recommended position for recovery

  • Healthy sitting and sleeping positions

  • And more!



  • Our EZ-Clean Recovery Heart Pillows help patients and non-patient users maintain comfortable positions while also prioritizing infection control and protecting any incision site or sensitive area.

  • The inner, microbead filled pillow never has to be washed because it is protected by the waterproof outer cover and can offer customized support without hindering movement.

  • Whether a user is in a hospital setting or at home, they are easily able to sanitize the cushion using a wipe, spray or cloth without having to wait for an entire washing cycle each time there is a minor spill! 

  • Compared to traditional porous cloth, fiberfill pillows, our EZ-Clean Heart Recovery Pillows featuring the patent pending sanitary solution are far superior.




    • People (patients ad nonpatients) can vomit very often, due to:

      • anesthesia or other medication effect

      • pregnancy

      • acid reflux

      • stress

      • motion sickness

      • food poisoning

      • ​dehydration

      • ​indigestion

      • chemotherapy

      • migraine headaches

      • medications being given on an empty stomach

      • an overly aggressive return to a normal diet

      • bacterial or viral infections, like viral gastroenteritis, which is often referred to as a “stomach bug”

      • excessive alcohol consumption, and etc.

    • Vomiting on the pillow is not avoidable since it is hard to predict or control a vomit. So it is a good idea to ask the following questions when you choose a pillow for a patient or even just for your comfort home:

      • Can the vomit leak into the pillow's inner layer?

      • Can you remove the vomit off the surface and between the threads? 

      • Can you clean up the vomit before the germs spread and breed?

      • Can you disinfect the pillow for safe reuse promptly? 

      • Can you remove the stains and odors?


    • Using a messy (vomited) pillow, ​cardiac survivors or other weak patients can easily get infected, even post-opeartive complicated, since germ can spread from the pillow to the patient quickly.

    • For the same reason, a nonpatient pillow user may get sick.

    • Nobody enjoys a musty pillow.


    • Our EZ-Clean Recovery Pillows are vomit proof. Our Pillows are equpied with a patern-pending sanitary solution that was developed alongside heart hospitals in 2016 for clinical use now also made available to patient gift retailers. See the innovative design for more detail. 

      • Our Pillows have a waterproof vinyl cover. No vomit, blood or any other bodily fliuds can penetrate through. ​

      • The vinyl cover is smooth. You can completely wipe off the vomit or any other mess with a piece of cloth, and spray disincefant for prompt safe resue.

      • You can wash the removable cover and dry it for a complete sanitation.

    • It is safe for any patients and nonpatients to use our EZ-Clean Recovery Heart Pillows. ​​Instead of having to worry about vomits, other bodily fluids or liquids penetrating the surface of a cloth pillow and causing infection, everyone who uses our EZ-Clean Pillow can rest easy knowing that in the case of nausea and vomit, cleanup will be a breeze.



    • People like hugging a pillow on the couch, while they are watching TV, playing games, or just killing time. What if a drink or other liquid spills on the pillow? The spilling of drinks or other liquid on a pillow can create a big mess. Sometimes, you have to tash a comfort pillow because spills leave stains or smells, even leak inside quickly. it is not safe to continue using it. It is not pleasant to use a spilled pillow that smells or musty.

    • An infection risk increases immediately when a drink spills on a farbic pillow used by a post-op cardiac survivor or other chest and esophageal surgical patient. Regardless if the spill is coffee, orange jiuce, or springwater, germ will land on the fabric surface, flow between the weaves and break into the inner layer. Germ will breed quickly. Without an effective quick sanitation, germ will spread to the patient easily and get the weak patient infected.​


    • Our EZ-Clean Reconvery Heart Pillows are spillproof. Its outer cover is made of waterproof vinyl that resists any liquids, compared to the porous fabric surface of the cloth pillows that are still used in many hopistals across the country.

    • The vinyl cover of the EZ-Clean Heart Pillow means that spilled liquids sit upon the cover and can be cleaned and sanitized with a wipe or towel. With absorbent plush pillows, however, although you may dry a little bit with assistance of spill kit, it will be hard to remove the stains between the threads, and not possible for you to to take out the germs that have break into the inner layer.



  • USERS:

    • Cardiac patients with a heart transplant, coronary bypass, valve replacement, and other cardiac operations.​

    • Lung surgery patients

    • Kidney surgery patients

    • Liver surgery patients,

    • Woman during delivery and labor, and

    • The patients recovering from other chest and esophageal procedures 

    • Other severe patients

    • Most elderly patients, particularly with heart failure 


    • When becoming very sick, most people are scared while some may begin to feel hopeless. The fear, stress, and feeling of alone reduce the success of an operation and prolong the post-operative recovery.​

    • "Emotional support is associated with fatal and nonfatal cardiovascular events in elderly patients hospitalized with heart failure," According to Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM, the director of the Yale New Haven Hospital Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE).

    • An ideal gift to a patient shall be explicit emotional and mental support, and useful, too.


    • When we developed the EZ-Clean Heart Pillows alongside Baystate Heart Hospital in 2016, one of the goals to make it easier to express the emotional and mental support.

      • The shapes: We offer the heart and other shapes. The heart shape represents the love, hope, strength, and new beginnings for each patient. Actually, the heart shaped pillow has been our #1 bestseller all the time.

      • The colors: We offer dard red and other colors. The red color symbolizes life, health, courage, anger, love and religious fervor. The red pillow has been our #1 betseller.

      • The surface material: We choose the soft smooth vinyl for the pillow's outer cover. It is ink friendly. All prints are shown clearly and brilliantl.

      • Pens: A permanent marker is accompanied for anyone to sign and write. Doctors and nurses may like using a skin marker that works on the vinyl cover perfectly well, too.

      • Space: A standard adult heart pillow offers about 12" X 16" on the front and in arear, enough to clearly display over dozens of signatures, get-well messages and drwing.

    • Accordingly, the registered nurses and bedside nurse can sign the pillow, just welcoming and acknowledging their care. And then, all the care-providers in contact with the patient after that initial exchange can sign the pillow as well. These signatures shown clearly on the cool Heart Pillow are a great token of appreciation, commitment, and well wishes for the mecal tean and facility.

    • The patient's family members and friends including the kids can sign their names, write get-well messages, even draw a sentimental picture.

    • Now, an EZ-Clean Recovery Heart Pillow, is not only a therapeutic aid but also a powerful mental and emotional support that is sure to help the patient stay positive and encouraged in the difficult journey back towards a normal healthy life. 

    • In addition, after the recovery, the EZ-Clean Heart Pillow filled with memory of care and love during a difficult time, will become a keepsake used at home for a hug and back support in the years to come. The made-to-last washable gift will be never trashed.


Emotional and Mental Support

Cozier Support and

Stronger Personal Touch

It is a Breeze to Clean

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