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How Prototype is Develped

At, as always, you will enjoy free design and free custom physical prototypes which, upon approval, became the preproduction samples. You may be curious about how a custom plush prototype is developed. This insight illustrates how a plush idea is turned into a physical plush item. With your text description, reference image, or drawing in mind, our artists work with sewers, printers, embroiderers hand in hand, getting the initial version of a prototype as soon as 1 day.

1 Draw 064A8921.jpg

Step 1, Design/Draw Pattern

2 Choose Fabrics 6771.JPG

Step 2, Choose Fabrics

3 Silhouette Fabrics-064A8941.jpg

Step 3, Cut the Pieces

4 Embroider or Print IMG_7268.JPG

Step 4, Print and/or Embroider

5 Sew & stuff.JPG

Step 5, Sew Together

6 Review & Reform.jpg

Step 6, Review and Reform

14A Factory 10 Grace Hong.jpg

Step 7, QC and Safety Review


Step 8, Ship to You

Lowest Price Guarantee

We are proud of being an industry price leader. If our competitor offers a similar item for less, simply show us their quote, and we will not only match their price, but you will receive an additional 5% bonus discount!

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