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KL-2-in-1 Inspiration Template (Nutrition)

KL-2-in-1 Inspiration Template (Nutrition)


Let's face it...most of us don't get the proper nutrition our body needs to heal and be healthy. Why not make learning about nutrition fun with one of our plush 2-in-1 convertible pillows! Does an apple a day really keeps the doctor away? Why not find out with a sweet apple pillow? Then, simply unzip the back, flip the fabric, and shake to reveal the inner neck pillow. Let your patient sit back and relax while you tell them about the importance of fruits and vegetables!


Make tomotoes, carrots, even BROCCOLI fun with one of these pillows. Or, get even more inspired by viewing our video and collection of 2-in-1 pillows. Our 2-in-1 pillows are perfect for picky eaters. 


We even offer custom branding on the these unique items. Looking for further customizations? We can easily modify color and size to suit your needs. Custom orders include unlimited modifications and a free preproduction sample. Our design team is waiting to create your perfect cozy 2-in-1 plush. 

    1. The item ID: 
    2. This product includes a 2-in-1 pillow that converts. Ability to add logo or message to both pillows.
    3. The purchase quantity is 50 to 999 pieces at tiered pricing. Distributors and large facilities may be eligible for a deeper discount.
    4. Orders are shipped from NJ to 48 US contiguous states. 
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