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Urgent Care Patients Promo Gift-Free Logo on Hoodie-Strong Bear Brown

Urgent Care Patients Promo Gift-Free Logo on Hoodie-Strong Bear Brown

SKU: H873U7
PriceFrom $4.75

Bear River, Strong and Healthy Look, Smooth and Comfy Fur in Brown Color, Wearing Quality Hoodie Sweatshirt with Your Hospital Logo Printed Free, Best Promotional Gift for Ungent Care Patient Comfort.

Bear River Features:

  • Fur Fabric: premium high-piled plush, smooth and comfortable
  • Stuffing Material: premium poly-fill and beans. With the muscular arms, legs, body and firm sitting, Bear River shows the super-strength and high- spirit spreading the confidence and inspirations.
  • Skin Color: Brown, light brown
  • Size: 6" tall from the top to tail

Hoodie Features:

  • You can dress River Bear in a cute hooded sweatshirt all children like to play. The hoodie is made of high-quality blend fabric and sewn with double hems. The intertwined white lope can move around the neck, while the ends are securely knotted, preventing the lope from pulling out. Such detailed craftsmanship is unmatched by any giveaway teddy bears in the promo market.
  • Unlimited hoodie colors guarantee to match your branding. The eye-catching standard colors or custom color is at no extra cost.

FREE Logo Print:

  • Regardless of how many colors, your logo will be printed free of charge on the front of the hoodie. To print on the back or both sides, advise at checkout.
  • At checkout, you can upload your logo and instructions.
  • Your logo print will be up to 2.5X2.5".
  • Heat transfer, silkscreen or sublimation, a right print method will be used for the finest presentation and quality, according to your logo colors and shape.

How to Place an Order:

  • Select the hoodie color, and quantity and click add-to-cart.
  • Upon receiving your order, we will email and call you to verify your order before our production. Your order will be made out of New Jersey within 1-15 days.
  • Questions? Email us or call us at Toll-Free 1-866-My-Bears.
  1. This item includes a strong teddy bear and an optional hoodie printed with a free custom logo. 
  2. Tested to Pass the Safety Compliance: Our teddy bears are tested by a third party recognized in the USA for compliance with the CPSIA and ASTM F963 for safe use for age 3 and up.
  3. Our online order is for 50 to 999 pieces. Contact us for other quantities.
  4. Review below for the full detail of our tiered pricing, freight, transit and order cancelation policy.
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