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The Outer Cover is Made of Reinforced Vinyl That is Waterproof.

For just a moment, imagine a patient who has just had heart surgery or a nonpatient user who is experiencing chest pain coughing onto a traditional, porous fabric heart pillow, or spilling a glass of drink on their supportive cushion. Mucus, vomits, blood, or other bodily fluids, and water, drinks or other liquids can quickly penetrate the surface and leak into the inside of the pillow. Germs can multiply on the pillow and inside very quickly, which can easily expose the weakened user to infection and, in some cases, post-op complication.  This scenario occurs in a hospital bed and at home on a user's cough more often than you may imagine. 


Our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Heart Pillows were created to resolve the common issue that can cause a serious problem. Our waterproof cover prevents any mess or liquid from leaking inside, and can be wiped out completely with a piece of cloth or tissue.

Waterproof Vinyl Cover

 No Liquid or Bodily Fluids such as Blood, Vomit, or Mucus can Penetrate through the Cover or Leak Inside. 

When the liquid or other mess gets on the pillow, they cannot leak inside. But instead, they will stay on the top of the smooth vinyl surface. Anyone in the patient room or at home can remove the mess by simply wiping the surface with a piece of cloth or tissue, and applying a disinfecant, and the EZ-Clean Pillow can continue its service without any interruption. There is no backup needed.


How to handle a messy wet cloth pillow? It is definitely unsafe to let the patient continue using a messy pillow. You might want to try to wipe the mess off of the cloth pillow, but likely won’t be able to reach the mess that has leaked inside. You cannot wipe the mess that is on or in the threads or between the weaves. It is definitely a bad idea to put the messy cloth pillow aside and let it dry by itself and use it again. All cloth pillows must be properly washed which can be arduous, time-consuming process.

Keep Dry and Clean:

Our Pillow vs Competitor's

 Our EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution Features the Waterproof Vinyl Cover. 

One of the top reasons that hospitals, post-op patients and nonpatient users love our EZ-Clean™ Recovery Heart Pillows is our Innovative EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution that is based on the Waterproof Vinyl Cover.  Review the specific EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution page for more detail about how the Waterproof Vinyl Cover plays a key role in helping reduce infection risk and improve user's safety in the hospital and at home during an after the recovery process.

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