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Smooth, Strong, Soft, and Waterproof


Our vinyl lining keeps liquid on the top and prevents from seeping into the inner pillow.


Protective flap conceals the zipper-controlled opening for safe removing and easy washing.

Easy to Clean

Wipe the mess and disinfect the cover and the pillow can be reused immedately. It is easy to dry and dry.

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Our EZ-Clean™ Heart Pillows have a reinforced waterproof vinyl cover while our competitor's heart pillows have a porous unven cloth case.

Take a look at the quick comparisons.


  1. Surface: Vinyl Cover

  2. Outer Cover: Removable

  3. Waterproof

  4. Smooth

  5. Thermal sensitive

  6. Vinyl is Strong and Durable

  7. Bateria Isn't Absorbed by Surface Material

  8. Easily Wipe with Disinfectant to Clean

  9. Wipe it and Continue Using Pillow

  10. Machine Wash and Dry: 20 Covers per Load

  11. Easy to Hand Wash and Hang to Drain

  12. Makes a Firm yet Comfortable Pillow

  13. Provides Ideal Protection and Comfort

  14. Cover Won't Damage in Wash

  15. Prints on Vinyl look Clean, Crisp, and Clear

  16. The print Lasts for Years

  17. Ink Won't Bleed on Vinyl Cover

  18. Removable

1. Surface: Cloth Case

2. No Outer Cover; Pillow is a One-Piece Design

3. Porous

4. Rough, Uneven

5. Not thermal sensitive

6. Less-durable Material; Intended for One User 

7. Bateria Pass-Through Fabric Weave

8. Cannot be Wiped Easily

9. Liquid Absorbed Immediately-Not Removable

10. Machine Wash and Dry: 2-3 Pillows per Load

11. Very Hard to Hand Wash or Hang to Drain

12. Less Firm Than Microbead Fill

13. Decreased Support Over Time

14. Not Recommended for Continued Washing

15. Difficult to Write or Read, Doesn't Show Clearly

16. Print Fades Fast

17. Markers Bleed into the Fabric

18. Sewn together - Not removable 

After a top heart hospital helped us understand the clinical needs for infection control before our product development, we knew our new recovery pillows couldn't use any fabrics similar to those used for the cloth pillows on the market. Those typical fabrics that are used are porous and infection-prone, that can easily lead to serious post-op complications. Finally, we developed a unique soft and thermal-sensative vinyl for our new heart pillow cover, designed to be the first of its kind in the therapeutic heart pillow market. Our pillow is constructed with two removable pieces, the durable vinyl cover wrapping the inner pillow.

The Vinyl Cover Main Features:

  1. The vinyl cover has a reinforced backing.

    • It is waterproof

    • It is very strong and durable.

    • It has a smooth surface, wrinkle-free.

    • It is soft, thermal-sensitive and comfortable.

    • It is washable and dryable. It withstands industrial washing facilities and at home washing cycles.

    • It withstands hospital-grade disinfectants.

    • It is reusable.

  2. The vinyl cover has an innovative opening system built into the back. It is controlled by a quality zipper that is concealed under an attractive protective vinyl flap. The inner pillow which is wrapped by the vinyl cover can be removed through the opening by any adult.  

The Vinyl Covers are Easy to Clean.

  1. Wiping a mess clean is a breeze. The waterproof vinyl is resistant to bacteria, keeping spills, blood, vomit, bodily fluids, and any other fluids from leaking into the inner pillow. The vinyl cover allows enough time for nurses or at home uses to wipe away any liquid or other substance with a piece of cloth or tissue and spray with disinfectant on site. The disinfected pillow can continue service without any interruption which saves the recovering user a lot of pain and time. No backup pillows are needed in the hospital or at home.

  2. Fast to wash and dry. For necessary frequent sterilization, just put the vinyl covers in the washing machine – the inner pillow is never exposed to messes because of the innovative vinyl cover, so it won’t need to be washed.  A regular washing machine can wash up to 20 EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Covers in a single load compared to 2 or 3 traditional cloth pillows per load, the process is 7-10 times faster. You can hand wash the removable cover and hang it to drain as well if it is easier for you at home.


​The Vinyl Covers are Very Durable

  1. The vinyl cover protects the inner pillow. The waterproof vinyl covers wrap the inner pillow and keep it clean, dry, and strong, extending our product’s service life.

  2. The vinyl cover includes an attractive flap across the back. The protective flap, also made of waterproof vinyl, conceals and protects a strong zipper that controls the opening in which the inner pillow can be easily removed from the cover or reassembled. The zipper ends are cloth covered and protected. The opening system keeps everything well protected for durability, safety, and convenience.

  3. The waterproof cover can withstand any disinfectants, laundry detergent, or large-scale industry mashing machine operation. The covers will stay intact through at least 15 washing and drying cycles.

  4. Our Vinyl Cover is Ink Friendly. Prints and signatures stay clear for years even with washing with laundry detergent and drying at a low heat setting.

  5. Strong, smooth, and soft, our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Heart Pillows are made to last and can make great long-lasting promotional ideas and perfect patient gift ideas. The softcover makes our EZ-Clean Heart Pillow a nice piece on a couch for hugs and back support even after recovery

The Vinyl Covers are User Friendly

  1. Messes can be cleaned onsite for prompt reuse. When a spill occurs on our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Heart Pillows, the liquids or mess are kept out and forced to stay on top of the vinyl cover providing the opportunity for quick removal onsite that will minimize infection risk for patient and nonpatient user. Not no need to send a slightly dirty cover to be washed, dried, and brought back, like is done with cloth pillows. This saves a lot of time.

  2. No backup pillows or temporary support cushions are necessary since the mess can be removed from the smooth vinyl cover whenever there is a spill without delay. By comparison, when using cloth pillows, a medical facility or home user needs several backup pillows ready for use.

  3. Our covers are easy to wash and dry. Let’s try to imagine a typical laundry routine for 20 heart pillows. A nurse can carry 20 pieces of our vinyl covers (13” tall) to the laundry room and finish them in one regular load. Alternatively, if the nurse needs to wash 20 cloth pillows that are stacked over 8' height, he or she needs to use a special cart to carry the pillows to the laundry room where they are forced to complete the washing with 7-10 loads. As you may be aware, our inner pillows do not need washing or drying thanks to the protective waterproof cover. This saves time and money.

  4. For home users, washing can be very simple with our EZ-Clan Heart Pillows. The protective vinyl cover can be removed and washed when it is not used, compared to wash the bulky piece of cloth pillow.

  5. It is super easy to print a logo on the vinyl covers.

  6. It is super easy to sign names and draw a design on the vinyl covers with a regular marker.

  7. Outer covers and inner pillow are communal. They do not need to match the original cover or inner pillow.

  8. Medical facilities can order, move, or store the inner pillows and outer covers together or separately.

Vinyl Cover: Quick View

It's a Breeze to Clean, Wash and Dry

Saving Time, Space, and Budget!

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