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Heart-Shaped Cough Pillow, EZ-Clean Waterproof Aid for Cardiac Surgery Recovery

Heart-Shaped Cough Pillow, EZ-Clean Waterproof Aid for Cardiac Surgery Recovery

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Do your cardiac surgical patients use heart pillows or teddy bears as post-op aids during their recovery after invasive surgery? Are you concerned the germs may transmit from the pillows or bears to the susceptible patients who have weak or even compromised immune system? How do you control and prevent germ transmission and reduce infection risk stemming from the pillows or teddy bears?






At the request and under the guidance of a top cardiovascular hospital, we developed the waterproof EZ-Clean pillows to prevent the transmission and spread of pathogenic microorganisms from the pillow to the heart surgery survivors. With our modern EZ-Clean Vinyl Pillows in place, your infection control and prevention procedures are inherent, worry-free, and effortless. If you compare our vinyl pillows to cloth pillows that are used in most cardiology specialties, you will be pleased to discover our EZ-Clean Pillow is not only a much comfier, safer reusable cardiac post-op aid, but also a user-friendly, budget-friendly, eco-friendly, and branding-friendly product.


Our EZ-Clean Sanitary Solution Reduces Infection Risk

  1. Our EZ-Clean cough pillows have an outer vinyl cover that wraps the inner pillow. The two pieces can easily be removed from each other through a safe opening.
  2. The outer cover is made of waterproof vinyl constructed with antimicrobial protection. The surface is smooth and germ resistant. No bodily fluids or other liquids can penetrate through the cover, so the inner pillows stay dry and clean all the time. This compares to cloth pillows that allow the liquid to run between the weaves and leak inside.
  3. When any mess gets on our vinyl pillow, you can simply wipe it clean onsite with a cloth or tissue and spray a disinfectant. A disinfected vinyl pillow is reusable. Meanwhile, a messy cloth pillow must be washed and dried requiring a couple of backup pillows for each patient.
  4. To sterilize, you can just wash and dry the removable vinyl covers. A regular washing machine can launder 20 pieces of our vinyl covers or 2-3 pieces of bulky cloth pillows. The difference is 7-10 times!
  5. Obviously, the inherent EZ-Clean Sanitary Solution keeps our vinyl cough pillows dry and clean, making it extremely hard for germs to transmit from the heart-shaped cough pillows to surgical patients recovering from a heart transplant, coronary bypass, or valve replacement.


Our Pillow Are Comfortable and Safe Post-op Aid

  1. Our pillows offer sternal support and reduce pain. The cough pillows are given to patients right after their surgery to hug to splint their external incision and to help with coughing and deep breathing exercises that are necessary for recovery. During recovery when the bone is healing, patients need to protect it from the excess force and limit movement of the upper body. So sternal precautions require patients to avoid activities that involve pushing, pulling, or lifting with their arms using over 10 pounds of force. Patients are instructed to hug the heart pillow and use their heels and legs when changing positions between supine and seated or getting out of bed and back into the bed, as well as when performing coughing and deep breathing exercises that can help avoid post-op complications such as pneumonia. Our EZ-Clean Cough Pillow provides an extra layer of pressure to counteract any jolting from the movements, facilitate proper stabilization of the sternal area, and reduce pain and discomfort associated with the exercises.
  2. Our pillows offer cozier support. Our inner pillow is firm yet comfortable, especially when wrapped with the soft vinyl cover. Particularly, the inner pillow is filled with microbeads that are moving in response to pressure. The patients can adjust the pillow and the hugging force to receive customized pain reduction and gain confidence in moving, coughing, and deep breathing exercises. The custom support provides an accelerated recovery. To compare, no one cloth pillow offers a contouring hug, since the fiberfill filling never moves.
  3. Our pillows offer safer support. Our pillows have an outer cover made of germ-resistant, waterproof antimicrobial vinyl. Germs can be removed from the smooth cover by simple wipes. No bacteria or other microorganisms can penetrate inside. The risk of pathogenic microorganisms being transmitted from our EZ-Clean pillows to patients is greatly minimized. To compare, all cloth cough pillows on the market have a porous surface that is hard to clean and infection-prone.
  4. Our pillows offer stronger emotional support. When a cough pillow is given to a patient, the registered nurse can sign it with a permanent marker. Then all related doctors, surgeons, and cardiologists are expected to sign the pillow, too. These signatures are a great token of welcome, appreciation, commitment, and well wishes from the hospital and care providers. The patient's family and friends also sign the pillow or write get-well messages The heart shape represents hope, strength, and new beginnings, providing a powerful mental and emotional support that helps the patient stay positive and encouraged in the difficult journey back towards a normal, healthy life. The brilliant signatures and names on our vinyl pillows give patients stronger hope and confidence. To compare a cloth heart pillow, the ink sinks and looks dim and weak.


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Our Pillows are Friendly and Cost-Effective

  • Nurse-Friendly The waterproof vinyl cover prevents leaks giving nurses extra time to react. Messy vinyl covers can be wiped clean onsite for reuse, saving the time wasted in laundering and back and forth transporting.
  • Washing-Friendly Our vinyl covers are laundered 7-10 times faster than cloth pillows. Our vinyl covers stay intact for at least 15 washing cycles while the cloth pillow's fiberfill gets hardened and stacked in its third wash.
  • Made to Last, Reusable, and Eco-Friendly The durable vinyl cover protects the inner pillow and extends the service life of the entire cough pillow. The cover withstands disinfectants and laundry detergents. The ink and print stay clean for years. The vinyl cover is reusable upon being disinfected which cannot be said for cloth pillows. When a patient checks out, you can sterilize and reuse, or let the patient bring home as a keepsake and useful cushion. Don't trash a quality reusable item. Obviously, our EZ-Clean pillows are a very sustainable eco-friendly product.
  • More Economical First, the average of our MSRP is 20% lower than cloth cough pillows on the market. Second, our vinyl cough pillows are made to last and designed for long-term use. Third, with our EZ-Clean Cough Pillows, the purchase and storage of the backup pillows are saved. Fourth, our innovative inherent EZ-Clean Sanitary Solution significantly reduces your infection control cost. And finally, the friendly design brings convenience and saves time.
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