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B. The EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution’s Goals

  • It is Easy to Keep Our Pillow Dry.

  • It is Easy to Clean Our Pillow.

  • It is Easy to Wash Our Pillow.



Any quality manufacturer knows the importance of innovating at every opportunity, especially when it comes to standing out in a competitive market.  To say that the medical industry is merely competitive is quite the understatement!  Our innovation all starts with every step of design and construction!

  • Each EZ-Clean™ Cough Pillow has an inner pillow and outer cover.

  • The outer cover wraps the inner pillow. They are removable from each other through an opening system, making it possible to move, store, buy and wash them separately.

  • The outer cover is made of reinforced antimicrobial vinyl. The vinyl quality is chosen for the outer cover because its surface is smooth so the bacteria are hard to stick to but easy to remove. The vinyl is also waterproof that keep bacteria on the top not getting inside.

  • The inner pillow is filled with moving microbeads that contour to the user’s body upon hugged, giving cozier support.

In 2016, our company Best Plush Inc. was approached by a top heart hospital that was experiencing infection issues with their cloth cough pillows. These pillows have fiberfill stuffed and porous fabric surfaced. Both fiberfill and surface are very hard to clean but easy for the germ to breed. Patients could get easily infected even suffer from dangerous post-op complications, particularly for those patients who have a weak or compromised immune system. The hospital’s concern and our partnership inspired us and helped us to set the “Easy to Clean” as the top priority. We innovated at every opportunity including the design, material selection, manufacturing processing, and testing. We successfully developed a lot of know-how including the EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution, which is patent pending. While you can read the Product Development Stories for the full details, for now, check out the highlight below.


Our competitors offer a bulky, one-piece cloth pillow with an uneven cloth fabric. These pillows require machine-washing when they become wet or are exposed to contaminants. During this time, treatment is interrupted and backup support must be used. 

Our EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution keeps our pillows to stay dry, makes it easy to clean and wash. Cleaned onsite easily, our vinyl pillow can continue its service without any interruption. Our pillow covers are removable. For routine sanitation or complete sterilization, you can wash the covers (with the inner pillows removed) up to 20 pieces in one load and dry them on low heat to kill bacteria. Our covers can stay intact over 15 washes or more. Competitor pillows, however, are a bulky one-piece design. One load can wash or dry 2 to 3 pillows only. Beyond the lengthy wash time, the filling fiberfill gets stacked or loses the shape by the second washing.

Notice our Opening System that makes the EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution work better and look more attractive.

A. Our EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution Addressing Hospital’s Concern

C. The EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution Starts with the Innovative Design and Construction

D. It is Easy to Keep Our Pillows Dry!

  • In order to begin discussing patient safety and the dangers of liquids accessing the inner pillow, we have to first think about the state of a patient in the patient room, especially one who is in the early stages of recovery following surgery.  Patients in these situations usually have a hard time controlling the messes they cause, which can often involve bodily fluids including the blood, vomits, and mucus.

  • That is why we choose waterproof vinyl for the outer cover. The mess or drinks or other liquids are unable to penetrate the waterproof vinyl and won’t leak inside. The inner pillow won’t get wet or messed. It stays virus-free. It is effortless and costs nothing to keep our inner pillow dry.

  • What if this happens to a porous cloth pillow? The mess and liquid are sure to seep inside or run between the stitches before anyone can react. Outside germs are likely to breed on the surface and inside the fiberfill which can be dangerous for any patient, especially for the weak patients whose immune system may have been compromised.

It's Effortless to Keep It Dry

It is a Breeze to Remove the Mess

E. It is Easy to Clean Our Pillows!

  • Imagine a scenario where a patient spills a drink on our waterproof cough pillow which they are actively using to reduce pain and clear phlegm from their lungs post-surgery.  A nurse or someone else can quickly wipe it with a piece of cloth or tissue, and spray disinfectant in the patient room. Let the patient continue using it without a safety concern. There is no worry about whether the inner pillow was exposed to moisture. There is no need to have one or more backup pillow kept in the jammed patient room.   This is not the case at all with a cloth pillow, which can be time-consuming to clean, wash, and transport!  Is it easy enough to clean our vinyl pillow?

  • How do medical facilities handle a messy cloth pillow? It is definitely unsafe to let the patient continue using a messy pillow. Should you try to wipe the mess off of the cloth pillow? Unfortunately, you cannot wipe the mess that has already leaked inside. You can’t even wipe the mess that has soaked into the threads or sunken between the weaves. It is a bad idea to put the messy cloth pillow aside and let it dry by itself for later reuse because germs can breed inside the pillow very quickly.  The cloth pillows must be sent to the laundry room (so backup pillows are required) for washing and drying, and then redistributed to the patient rooms. As you can tell, this is a time-consuming process. Oftentimes traditional cloth pillows are trashed after just a few uses because of how time-consuming they are to wash, clean, and move throughout the hospital.  Not only are our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Cough Pillows cost-effective they are also eco-friendly as well. 

F. It is Easy to Wash Our Pillows!

  • All cloth pillows on the market are designed bulky one-piece. A regular washing machine can handle 2-3 pieces per load. To make it worse, the fiberfill filling of most cloth pillows gets hardened or stacked in its third wash. A hardened pillow loses its support function. That is why many hospitals and other medical centers are struggling if they should wash or trash. Some medical facilities simply give the messy cloth pillows to the non-profit organizations that will need to experience the unwelcomed washing. It is true that the cough pillows are a huge cost (or insurance bill) that keeps growing. Would you like to stop the financial and eco wastes?

  • Good news! Our EZ-Clean™ Cough Pillow offers an easy, economical, and effective solution. Let’s see what to wash first! Our inner pillows are protected by the waterproof cover and stay dry and clean all the time so it is not necessary to wash the inner pillows. For the required frequent sterilization, just put the removable covers into a washing machine. Let’s do a quick comparison of the numbers. A regular cloth cough pillow is about 5” thick that equals to the approximate height of 20 stacked vinyl covers. One load of a regular washer can wash or dry 20 vinyl covers or 2 to 3 bulky cloth pillows. Washing the vinyl covers is about 7 to 10 times faster than washing the cloth pillows. Just another way that our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Pillows are user-friendly and more cost-effective than the competition. 

  • Do the pillows get damaged during washing or drying? Our vinyl pillow covers stay intact at least 15 wash while the fiberfill filling of cloth pillows can get hardened or stacked in the 3rd wash; During the washing and drying, the print and writing on our vinyl cover won’t be destroyed, but the ink on the cloth pillows gets faded very quickly.

Completely Washing Friendly!

G. The EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution Is Enhanced with the Opening System

  • An effective opening system is built on the outer cover to make the inner pillow and outer cover removable from each other and enhance the EZ-Clean Sanitary Solution.

  • Extra measures are taken to assure the EZ-Clean™ Solution. First, the opening was placed on the back of the cover since normally most of the messes won’t end up on the backside. Second, the opening is zipper controlled and the two zipper ends are sealed with cloth covers. Third, a protective flap is added to conceal the zippered opening and the flap is made of the vinyl, the same waterproof germ-resistant as for the outer cover. And last but not least important, the flap is built with the mouth downward so liquid can run over the flap but not into the opening. All of these measures help to protect the inner pillow, make the pillow attractive, and make it easy to remove and restore. If you need to remove the inner pillow, simply flip up the flap, pull down the zipper, and pull out the inner pillow. To put the inner pillow back, just insert, zip-up, and fold down the flap. Now upon being washed and dried, it’s ready to work like a brand new pillow.

  • In addition to enhancing the EZ-Clean Sanitary Solution, our opening system also minimizes access to the zipper by anyone. The system makes it impossible for the patients to get injured or infected by the zipper or protective flap. It also prevents children from reaching inside the inner pillow for the inner contents.  Without an adult’s guide, children are unable to discover the opening, lift up the tight flap, locate the zipper, unzip it, pull out the inner pillow, and cut the quality fabric surface of the inner pillow.

Innovative Opening System

EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution makes our cough pillows easy to stay dry, easy to clean, and easy to wash. The EZ-Clean™ Solution is totally unmatched by any cough pillows on the market. Equipped with the EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution, our vinyl cough pillows help all medical facilities reduce the infection risk in an easy, economical, and effective manner. Compared to the traditional infection-prone cloth cough pillows, our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Cough Pillows are on a superior high level in regard to infection control and prevention as well the user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. That is why our EZ-Clean™ vinyl pillows are getting trendier particularly after Corvid-19 occurred.

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