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Our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Cough Pillows were designed with patient safety and infection control as top priorities!  In 2016, when we were first contacted by a top heart hospital and asked to develop a new kind of cough pillow, we understood right away how important it was to keep the pillows dry, clean, and sanitary all of the time. 

Why the Pillow Should Stay Clean and Dry


  1. After a patient has undergone a serious chest surgery, their risk of contracting pneumonia or developing another respiratory issue is increased because they lack deep breathing and coughing. To help reduce that risk, the patients are trained to perform the coughing and deep breathing exercises while hugging the cough pillows to reduce sharp pain surrounding the incision site.

  2. The cough pillow must stay dry and clean or the patient can easily get infected by germs living in the pillow, consider these facts:

    • The cough pillow is used by patients whose immune systems are very weak if not compromised.

    • During recovery, vomit, blood and mucus may be spilled as an accident at any moment onto anything, including onto the cough pillow.

    • The pillow is hugged to the chest surrounding the very sensitive incision site.

  3. That is why we developed the EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution that ensures that our Cough Pillow is kept dry and clean through the help of our innovative design and waterproof vinyl cover.


The Pillows are for Weak Patients

​How Our Pillows Are Kept Clean and Dry

1. Innovative design:

  • Our pillow includes an outer cover that wraps the inner pillow. The outer cover is made of waterproof vinyl, while the inner pillow is stuffed with a microbead filling.

  • The outer cover and inner are removable from each other through a creative zippered opening, but they are still able to work hand in hand to keep infection control and prevention as a top priority.

  • The materials and design are the first of their kind in cough pillow history.

2. How to clean the mess - When a mess, liquid or bodily fluid is spilled onto our vinyl pillow:

  • Messes and liquid are forced to stay outside of the pillow.

  • They cannot leak inside.

  • A nurse, doctor, or anyone within close proximity can just wipe the cover clean with a tissue or towel and then spray the pillow with hospital-grade disinfectant spray. The pillow can then be reused immediately.

  • No need to send our pillows to the laundry room to wash and dry.

  • No back-up pillows are needed.

Our Pillow Has Two Main Pieces

3. How to clean the mess - When a mess, liquid or bodily fluid is spilled onto a competitor’s cloth cough pillow,

  • The mess and fluid run between the weaves and gets sticky on top of the threads before anyone can take any action to stop it.

  • They can easily leak inside.

  • No one can take any action to stop the leaking.

  • No one can wipe the mess completely clean.

  • The messy pillow must be sent to the laundry room for washing and drying before it can be reused.

  • A replacement pillow must be provided.

4. How to wash and dry – Our vinyl pillows:

  • What to wash: the removable outer covers, NOT the inner pillows because our inner microbeads pillows are constantly protected by the vinyl cover and stay clean and dry all the time.

  • How many pieces for one load: 20 pieces of outer covers.

  • How large: 13” tall when 20 covers are stacked.

  • How pillows are moved to the laundry room: a nurse can carry them easily.

5. How to wash and dry – Our competitor’s cloth pillows::

  • What to wash: the whole thing, the bulky pillow (one piece)

  • How many pieces fit in one load: 2 to 3 pieces of the cloth pillows.

  • To completely clean 20 cloth pillows, it will take 7-10 loads. That means it is 7-10 times slower than washing vinyl covers.

  • How large: 8’ tall when 20 pillows are stacked.

  • How pillows are moved to the laundry room: a specialty cart.

How to Keep Dry and Remove Mess:

Our Pillow vs Competitor's

​6. Does laundering cause damage to the pillow?

  • Our vinyl covers: stay intact through at least 15 washing and drying cycles.

  • Our competitor’s cloth pillows: the fiberfill filling starts getting hardened or stacked in the third cycle.

7. Does laundering cause damage to the logo print and/or signatures?

  • Our vinyl covers: very little. The ink stays clear for years even with washing and drying.

  • Our competitor’s cloth pillows: very much so. The ink does not show crisply to start with and tends to fade in very quickly with washing and drying.

nurse 2.jpg

Size Difference: 8 Times

Our Pillow vs Competitor's

Our line of EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Cough Pillows has a waterproof vinyl cover that is easy to wipe clean, wash, and dry. The outer cover is durable, very sustainable when used with disinfectant, and laundry detergent. The innovative outer vinyl cover keeps the inner pillow dry and clean all of the time which saves hospitals, surgery centers, and medical facilities both time and money!  As you can see, in regard to keeping dry and clean as a most important measure to reduce the infection risk for patient safety, our uniquely designed waterproof cough pillow sets a bar that no cloth pillow can reach. Contact us for a free sample today.


Related Features:

Innovative Design and Construction

EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution



Our antimicrobial vinyl lining prevents water from seeping into the interior.


The inner pillow and cover can be removed through an innivative opening.

Easy to Clean

Wipe to clean the mess. Wash 7-10 times faster than cloth pillows.

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