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The Inner Pillow is Filled with Premium Microbeads that Move to Contour to the User’s Body When Hugged, Giving the Users a More Comfortable and Effective Support.

Our EZ-Clean Heart Pillow consists of a removable cover and inner pillow. 


The inner pillow is soft, yet firm and comfortable, especially with the added support of the EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Cover. Compared to a traditional cloth pillow that is stuffed with fiberfill, our inner pillow is filled with premium new microbeads which means that it allows for customizable support and holds up over time.


Our inner pillows are not tightly filled so that the microbead fillings can move around to contour to the body when the user applies pressure to the pillow. Anyone, particularly the patient who has just undergone heart, chest, or any other invasive surgery that prevents the patient from taking deep breaths comfortably, could benefit greatly from this feature. With the help of the contouring microbeads, the user can receive cozier hugs and enjoy more effective recovery support when the pillow contours to the patient’s body in response to a custom hugging pressure. Any user including the sick weak patients can easily customize the firmness by slightly moving the cough pillow and by changing the force with which they hug the pillow.  This unique feature that is made possible by the high-quality microbead filling helps increase the patient’s confidence and comfortability when coughing and moving. This body-contouring hug cannot be offered by any competitive cloth pillows that are fiberfill stuffed, which sets our EZ-Clean Heart Pillows apart from the rest.

This customizable contouring support makes a huge difference to the critical surgical patients. When post-op recovery involves protecting the sternal area surrounding an open incision, or bruised bones, the body-contouring feature of our EZ-Clean Post-Op Cough Pillows can make all of the difference! For those who have never gone through cardiac surgery or other difficult procedures, it is very hard to imagine how painful and uncomfortable doing a simple task like coughing or breathing without the support of a thoughtfully designed pillow. At Best Plush, Inc, we sympathized with the patient users and wanted to learn every detail of recovering processing from the medical professionals when developing our EZ-Clean Pillows alongside Baystate Health. We strive for excellence in building the pillow with the highest comfortable level for the patient's therapy and recovery.


No cloth pillow can match ours! Compared to the filling of a traditional cloth pillow, our EZ-Clean Pillows are filled with microbeads. Our EZ-Clean Pillow is in a league of its own.


Traditional cloth pillows have a polyester fiberfill (similar to the filling you’d see in stuffed animals).  This filling can become lumpy, uneven, and flat over time as it hardens through the wash and with heavy use.  On the other hand, the microbeads utilized in our pillow allow for customized support, natural body contouring movement, and a lightweight solution to a pillow that some weak patients have to carry around with them for weeks following a major procedure throughout the entire rehabilitation process!

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Outer Cover and Inner Pillow

Cozier Hugs and Supports Offered

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