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Removable, Waterproof Vinyl Cover






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Since we first developed our Waterproof Cough Pillows alongside with some top heart hospitals in 2016, our pillow design and constructions have been continuously focused on the EZ-Clean™ Sanitary effect and promotional impact. Let’s take a closer look at our innovative Design (patent pending) you will love. You can read the Product Development Stories on our website for additional details of each design consideration

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A. Our Design and Construction Overview:

  4. The outer cover and inner pillow are removable from each other        through a reliable opening system that deserves a lot of credits          for the success of our innovative EZ-Clean™ Cough Pillows.              Note the measures and considerations taken:

  • The opening is placed on the back of the cover since normally most of the messes won’t end up on the backside.

  • The opening is zipper controlled. The two zipper ends are sealed with protective cloth covers.

  • A protective flap is added on the outer cover to conceal the zippered opening. The flap is made of the same waterproof germ-resistant vinyl as for the outer cover.

  • The flap is built with the mouth downward. The liquid can run over the flap but won’t run into the opening.

  • Now the reliable opening system is in place ready to work for you. If you need to remove the inner pillow, simply flip up the flap, pull down the zipper, and pull out the inner pillow. To put the inner pillow back, just insert, zip up, and fold down the flap.

  • The opening system is not only for the opening. The vinyl cough pillow looks much more attractive with the zipper covered than revealed. Even more important, the opening is designed with safety in mind. It minimizes access to the zipper and inner pillow. The patient won’t get injured or infected by the zipper or protective flap. Children cannot reach inside the inner pillow for the inner contents. It is very hard to imagine that, without an adult’s guidance and help, a child can discover the opening, lift up the tight flap, locate the zipper, unzip it, pull out the inner pillow and cut the quality fabric surface of the inner pillow.


  1. Each EZ-Clean™ Cough Pillow has an inner pillow and outer cover. The outer cover wraps the inner pillow.

  2. The outer cover is made of reinforced antimicrobial vinyl. The vinyl cover has a smooth surface, soft quality, and durable strength. Particularly, it is waterproof, washable, dryable, reusable, and communal. See more descriptions in the later part of these discussions. This is totally different from any cloth cough pillows on the market - They are made of porous and rough fabric surface, no good for long-term use.

  3. The inner pillow is filled with moving microbeads. Traditional cloth cough pillows have a polyester fiberfill (similar to the stuffing poly-fil used in stuffed animals). This type of filling is lumpy, uneven, become flat over time, turns hardened over washes, and is not made for long-term use. We are the only cough pillow with a completely separate inner pillow. We sealed microbeads in a quality fabric pillowcase that is managed by a reliable secured opening system (detailed below). The microbeads filling allow the pillow to be compressed against the body without losing its supportive firmness. The microbeads are able to move inside the pillow and naturally contour to the patient’s body for a cozy and effective hug and support while remaining lightweight-perfect for patients with decreased strength.

5.To summarize,

  • Traditional cough pillows are a one-piece pillow with a cloth casing and a fiberfill stuffing; they are easily contaminated and difficult to clean or launder. 

  • To address the infection concern, we opted to incorporate a waterproof vinyl cover because it is soft, smooth, and able to maintain its integrity even with strenuous use. We reinforced the vinyl backing for extra strength to ensure it could withstand the hospital-grade cleaning agents and industrial washing facilities. Our antimicrobial cover is durable, reusable, communal, and print friendly.

  • Unmatched by cloth pillows, our waterproof vinyl cover makes it resistant to fluids, keeping them on the surface of the cover and preventing contamination of the inner microbeads pillow. While wet cloth pillows require a backup pillow during cleaning, our vinyl pillows can be easily dried on-site which means that care can continue, uninterrupted.

  • Our Cough pillows are two-removable-piece design, offering huge convenience for the washing, drying, moving, storing, and purchasing. With the innovative opening system in place, the outer cover and inner pillow work hand in hand setting a new bar for infection control and user-friendliness that can be reached by any cloth cough pillows on the market.

B. Our Design and Construction Focuses on the EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution for Patient Safety

  1. You may have noted the striking difference between our cough pillows and premium cloth cough pillows on the market.

    • The structure is different: two-removable-pieces VS one-bulky-piece.

    • The surface is different: vinyl VS cloth.

    • The filling material is different: moving microbeads VS still fiberfill (discussed in the previous section).

  2. As this innovative line was born and has continued to enhance, our # 1 purpose is to reduce the infection risk for patient safety, with the EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution as the centerpiece. We believe that if a pillow is easy to clean, the infection control and prevention will be easier and, accordingly, the patient safety will be improved and assured.

  3. The goals we set for our EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution are:

    • Easy to Keep the Pillow Dry.

    • Easy to Clean the Mess.

    • Easy to Wash the Pillow.

  4. You will be pleased to note as follows that our pillow is equipped with the EZ-Clean™ Sanitary Solution inherently. It does infection control and prevention in the daily routine in a patient room, almost without extra effort or cost.

It's Effortless to Keep Our Pillow Dry

C. Our Design Makes It Easy to Keep Our Pillows Dry

  • In order to begin discussing patient safety and the dangers of liquids accessing the inner pillow, we have to first think about the state of a patient in the patient room, especially one who is in the early stages of recovery following surgery.  Patients in these situations usually have a hard time controlling the messes they cause, which can often involve bodily fluids including the blood, vomits, and mucus.

  • That is why we choose antimicrobial vinyl for the outer cover. The mess or drinks or other liquids are unable to penetrate the waterproof vinyl and won’t leak inside. The inner pillow won’t get wet or messed. It is effortless and costs nothing to keep our inner pillow dry.

  • What if this happens to a porous cloth pillow? The mess and liquid are sure to seep inside or run between the stitches before anyone can react. Outside germs are likely to breed on the surface and inside the fiberfill which can be dangerous for any patient, especially for the weak patients whose immune system may have been compromised.

It's a Breeze to Remove the Mess

D. Our Design Makes It Easy to Clean the Mess

  • Imagine a scenario where a patient spills a drink on our waterproof cough pillow which they are actively using to reduce pain and clear phlegm from their lungs post-surgery.  A nurse or someone else can quickly wipe it with a piece of cloth or tissue, and spray disinfectant in the patient room. Let the patient continue using it without a safety concern. Is it easy enough to clean our vinyl pillow? There is no worry about whether the inner pillow was exposed to moisture. There is no need to have one or more backup pillow kept in the jammed patient room. This is not the case at all with a cloth pillow, which can be time-consuming to clean, wash, dry, and transport it!

  • How do you (medical facilities) handle a messy cloth pillow? It is definitely unsafe to let the patient continue using a messy pillow. Should you try to wipe the mess off of the cloth pillow? Unfortunately, you cannot wipe the mess that has already leaked inside. You can’t even wipe the mess that has soaked into the threads or sunken between the weaves. It is a bad idea to put the messy cloth pillow aside and let it dry by itself for later reuse because germs can breed inside the pillow very quickly.  The cloth pillows must be sent to the laundry room (so backup pillows are required) for washing and drying, and then redistributed to the patient rooms. As you can tell, this is a time-consuming process. Oftentimes traditional cloth pillows are trashed after just a few uses because of how time-consuming they are to wash, clean, and move throughout the hospital.  Not only are our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Cough Pillows cost-effective they are also eco-friendly as well. 

It's Totally Washing Friendly

E. Our Design Makes It Easy to Wash

  • All cloth pillows on the market are designed bulky one-piece. Accordingly, a regular washing machine can only handle 2-3 pieces per load. To make it worse, the fiberfill filling of most cloth pillows gets hardened or stacked in its third wash. A hardened pillow loses its support function. That is why many hospitals and other medical centers are struggling if they should wash or trash. Some medical facilities simply give the messy cloth pillows to the non-profit organizations that will need to experience the unwelcomed washing. It is true that the cough pillows are a huge cost (or insurance bill) that keeps growing. Would you like to stop the financial and eco wastes?

  • Good news! Our EZ-Clean™ Cough Pillow offers an easy, economical, and effective solution. Let’s see what to wash first! Our inner pillows are protected by the waterproof cover and stay dry and clean all the time so that it is not necessary to wash the inner pillows. For required frequent sterilization, just put the removable covers into a washing machine and run them through a cycle. Let’s do a quick comparison of the numbers. A regular cloth cough pillow is about 5” thick which is equal to the approximate height of our 20 stacked vinyl covers. One load of a regular washer can wash or dry 20 vinyl covers or just 2 to 3 bulky cloth pillows. Washing our vinyl covers without the inner pillows is about 7 to 10 times faster than washing traditional cloth pillows. Just another way that our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Pillows are user-friendly and more cost-effective than the competitors' pillows.

  • Do the pillows get damaged during washing or drying? Our vinyl pillow covers stay intact at least 15 wash while the fiberfill filling of cloth pillows can get hardened or stacked in the 3rd wash; During the washing and drying, the print and writing on our vinyl cover won’t be destroyed, but the ink on the cloth pillows gets faded very quickly.

Writing: Easy, Bright and Long-lasting

F. Our Design Offers Personal Touch

G. Our Design Promotes the Facility

  • The vinyl cover has a smooth shiny surface. It is easy to write on with a permanent marker. This allows the additional personal touch of having doctors, nursing staff, and friends and family giving the patient a lot of warmth, courage, love, faith, and hope. Writing on the cloth pillows don’t show clearly as on the vinyl cover.  Obviously, our vinyl cough pillows can provide a stronger emotional comfort and mental support during the operation and recovery process when a patient sees the clearer and more brilliant (not fuzzy) signatures and messages on the vinyl cover.

  • What happens to ink during washing and drying? The writing on our vinyl cover won’t be destroyed during washing. Instead, they will stay vibrant for years.  The writing on a cloth pillow, however, will fade or smudge in weeks.

  • Our EZ-Clean™ cough pillow is not only an effective recovery aid for surgical patients but also an excellent promotional tool for hospitals, medical centers, surgery centers, and long-term care facilities that look to improve their brand awareness. Bear in mind that the vinyl cover is smooth, shiny, and print friendly. When you purchase our EZ-Clean™ cough pillows, we will print your facility logo, free of charge. Alternatively, if you do not want the logo, you can include a general saying, such as “GET WELL SOON”, or a heart diagram that helps provide visualization of the patient’s procedure. Sure you can choose not to keep it blank (print nothing). The print colors are unlimited. The print area is huge. The most popular cough pillow heart-shaped for adult, for example, offers an area for 12” X 18”. The liver shaped cough pillow is for 12” X4”. The print will show brilliant, and stays fresh for years, even with washes. This compares to the print on the cloth cough pillows that the ink sinks into the weave soon and fades in weeks if not days, particularly after washes.

  • Custom branding is easy. As a plush manufacturer, we design, create and deliver any promotional products.  We can custom design a vinyl pillow in the color, shape, and size of your choice, making your brand colors and designs stand out. Our designs are always free.

Promotes the facility.jpg
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