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The Vinyl Cover and Inner Pillows are Removable from Each Other Making it Possible to Purchase, Move, Store and Clean them Separately.  This Offers an Important Convenience to the Medical Clients. 

  • Our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Cough Pillows are designed and constructed with two main parts, the waterproof vinyl outer cover and the microbeads-filled inner pillow. To make them work hand in hand for better infection control and prevention, and more user-friendly, the two pieces must be removable from each other. As discussed below, an opening system for removal includes the sleek zipper and protective flap. To remove the cover, you can flip up the flap, pull down the zipper, and then can pull out the inner pillow. To put the inner pillow back, just insert, zip-up, and fold down the flap. The easy removal process offers a lot of conveniences to medical facilities who can handle the outer covers and inner pillow separately.

c8 inner pillow-buble.jpg

Our Pillow Has Two Man Pieces

Design and Construction: Demo

  • Let’s dive a bit deeper into how the pillows are washed. As you may be aware, our inner pillows are wrapped with a vinyl outer cover to protect the inner pillows and in order to keep them dry and clean. Obviously, because of the outer cover, you do not need to wash, clean, and dry the inner pillow. For frequent complete sterilization, any hospital or other medical facility can just put the removable outer covers into a machine to wash and dry.  Great news! A regular washer can handle 20 covers per load, compared to just 2 or 3 bulky cloth pillows per load. Let’s do a quick comparison of the numbers. A regular cloth cough pillow is about 5” thick while our outer cover is 0.25” thick.  A cloth cough pillow is about the height of 20 stacked outer covers. Can you imagine how tall a stack of 20 cloth pillows would be? The answer is over 8’, taller than any basketball stars, and much taller than a nurse. One nurse cannot hold 20 cloth pillows but can easily hold 20 outer covers and send to the laundry room.  Just another way that our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Pillows are more efficient than the competition. 

  • To start with, medical facilities can order the outer covers separately from the inner pillows. If they are satisfied with their current cloth cough pillows but would also like to enjoy the benefit of a Waterproof Vinyl Cover, they can order our outer covers for their own inner pillows and reduce infection rates. Hospitals or medical facilities can switch over to using vinyl covers or our microbead inner pillows at any time. We offer free design to match our cover size, shape, and color to their inner pillow, printed with a free logo or another message at the choice of our client. With our EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Covers, any medical facility can retrofit existing cloth cough pillows to effectively reduce infection rates and improve patient safety without wasting any existing stock.

  • Medical facilities can store the outer covers together or separately with the inner pillows according to their storage needs. Sometimes, for example, many departments consume the inner pillows faster than the covers, while other departments are just the opposite. Facilities can place the outer covers and inner pillows at available locations that are most convenient to the different departments when it comes to economical storage and transportation. Keep in mind that our vinyl covers and inner pillows are communal.  The outer covers occupy a much smaller space and are much easier to move around than the inner pillows.

nurse 2.jpg


  • It was a challenge to develop an attractive and affordable opening system while also keeping safety in the forefront of our minds. Let’s take a closer look at the measures that we’ve implemented. First, the opening was placed on the back of the cover, since normally most of the messes won’t end up on the backside of the pillow. Second, the opening is zipper controlled and makes use of two zipper ends that are sealed with cloth covers. Third, an attractive protective flap that is also made of waterproof vinyl conceals the zippered opening. And last, the flap is built with the mouth facing downward so liquid can run over the flap but not into the opening.  All of these measures help to protect the inner pillow and make it easy to remove and restore. To remove, flip up the flap, pull down the zipper, and pull out the inner pillow. To put it back, just insert, zip-up, and fold down the flap.

  • As you may have noticed, our opening system was designed to minimize access to the zipper and helps to protect the patient, nurses, and children. The opening system makes it impossible for the patients to get injured or infected by the zipper or the protective flap. The opening system also prevents children from reaching inside the inner pillow or its inner contents.  Without an adult’s guidance and physical help, children are unable to discover the opening, lift up the tight flap, locate the zipper, unzip it, pull out the inner pillow, and cut the quality fabric surface of the inner pillow.

The Opening System Makes It Possible for the Outer Cover and Inner Pillow to Work Hand in Hand.

Zippered Opening

Concealed Under Protective Flap


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